Small Groups

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Married Couples

This small group focus on improving the lives of couples who are married booed up or considering marriage. The small group is committed to bringing couples into a closer relationship with God and their mates by giving needed tools to enhance marriage through instruction, exercises to advance communication and closeness; and scriptural understanding of the statutes of marriage so that God will be celebrated in our relational unions. This small group offers action classes; workshops, conferences, getaways, and other occasions outlined to prepare and enhance the lives of married people

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To assist Christian single, grown-ups develop in their walk with Christ, social, and individual lives and to serve to all singles. The small group's way is to enable like-minded people so that they can create connections between singles.

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Small Business Owners

TBOC Business Ministry focus is to train, support, and encourage Christian
entrepreneurs, general managers, and business owners with Biblical principles from leadership books.



We are all are spirits that live in a body that possesses a soul. This small group is about exercise, personal training, free weights, machines, bodyweight training, aquatics, stretching … there are many training styles we will explore. Here you can find something new to keep it fun and challenging on your health journey.

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Men's Fraternity

To unite men of our church towards one goal: making each man a reflection of the character and person of Jesus Christ through the study of His Word and the building of relationships that will provide personal accountability and opportunities to serve at home, church, and community.

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TBOC Womens Sorority

To inspire, equip, support, and disciple women to live in God’s purpose. We will
fulfill our vision by creating opportunities and resources for women to discover their gifts and be empowered to fulfill His purpose.

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Young Adults

Inspiring the next generation to reflect Christ in their life. Training them to serve and seek other lost youth for the expansion of the kingdom of Christ. And most imports have fun doing so!

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We Have the privilege of connecting with and ministering to seniors who live in assisted living communities. You will find them very appreciative of the time you spend with them. In this ministry, a team of volunteers conducts church services in different assisted living communities in cities TBOC resides. There is a role for volunteers with various gifts and skills in this ministry, from leading the service, leading songs, to greeting and praying for individuals. We can easily train you to serve in a way you are comfortable. We provide each team everything they will need to conduct a complete service

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5E Training

Through our training, participants will gain a successful mindset, be exposed to better habits, and be mentored into healthy associations. Our training is 6 months, and within this time, participants will start their own businesses, form new habits and join networks focused on growth. Participants are on the right track for success through learner-centered lessons and books used and taught in class and for homework. Participants gain three benefits: personal responsibility in work, their personal life and family future, first-time small business owners, homeownership, and exposure to innovative ideas and